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1§ Student association ribbon

Jalot Villit academic symbol is student association ribbon. Picture of that ribbon is in attachment 1.

You can find the showpiece of the ribbon from Jalot Villi’s closet.

In this regulation we tell how to use the student association tape.

2§ Who can wear the ribbon?

Everyone who is a member of the Jalot Villit.

Board of the Jalot Villit can give access rights for someone else also.

§ How to wear student association ribbon?

You can wear the ribbon in events where it is suitable to use academic badges and ribbons.

Remember when you are wearing the ribbon you are representing Jalot Villit.

Men wear the ribbon from right shoulder to down left and women from left shoulder to down right.

In attachment 1 there is also alternative model for women.

In suit men wear the ribbon under the vest.

4§ Guidance

Board of the Jalot Villit will give guidance and more information about the student association ribbon.

Student association ribbon: Text
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