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Jalot Villit is a friendly student organisation for tourism research students, established in 1996.

Student organisations promote its members interests about matters associated with studying and overall wellbeing by co-operating in conversations with other organisations. Student organisations also arrange a multitude of activities for its members ranging from coffee breaks to cabin trips.

Jalot Villit can be seen on the streets sporting our police blue overalls with a happy and easy-to-approach posture. Us tourism research students are all part of a big family where differences are seen as an asset and everybody's contributions are appreciated. Our colorful group is connected by our genuine interest on the subject that is tourism and travel and the skills and experiences needed to survive in this area of expertise.

Tourism research graduates experts of responsible tourism for different kinds of local and/or international tasks including management, advisors and teachers.

We are updating the website to be more international-friendly! In the meantime, if you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact us at

In English: About Us


As a tourism research student you are eligible to become a member of our student organisation.

Membership covers your whole time in the university and as such, the membership fee needs to be payed only once. As a member you get to partake in the activities organised by the organisation. Some for free and some for a very little cost. You will also be added to the Jalot Villit e-mail list from which you will receive info about events, activites and everything associated with the student organisation. On top of this you also get the priviledge to wear our dark blue overalls wherever you go.

To become a new Jalo Villi, you can purchase your membership here!

In English: About Us


The board of Jalot Villit is responsible for managing the operation of the association. The board organizes events, takes care of students' interests, handles connections between students and working life, as well as takes care of communality within the association. A new board is assigned every year.

The board includes two confidentiality counsellors, who are assigned to make sure there is no harrasment or bullying of any sorts happening within Jalot Villit. Do not hesitate to contact the confidentiality counsellors, if there's anything on your mind!

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are always on the ball, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Non-Profit Organization forward. We’re always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and striving to perfect our programs. Meet some of our incredible leaders below.

elise kuva_edited_edited.jpg


anni kuva_edited.jpg


Vice president

alexandra kuva_edited.jpg


Secretary & Confidentiality counselor

ella kuv_edited.jpg


Communications representative

henna kuva muokattu_edited.jpg


Guardian of students' interests

tuuli kuva muokattu_edited.jpg


Guardian of students´ interest

marianne kuva_edited.jpg


silja kuva_edited.jpg


Working life representative

olli kuva_edited.jpg


Sport representative​

olivia kuva_edited.jpg


Cultural representative

heidi kuva_edited.jpg


Culture representative

annina kuva muokattu_edited_edited.jpg


Confidentiality counselor

In English: Meet the Team

Event calendar February

February Event Calendar.png
In English: Welcome


Did you know that Jalot Villit has a blog? The blog was silent through 2016-2021, but has now been brought back to its glory!

The Blog of Jalot Villit accepts any members, current or alumni, to write about their experiences while studying or working in tourism research. Even though the posts so far have been in Finnish, we would like to welcome all internationals to write as well!

Do you have a story to tell? It can be about anything - your studies, life in Rovaniemi, life as a student during the pandemic, your career path, student union activism, or anything else that's close to your heart!

To publish your post, please contact the communications representative of the board (contact details above). Tell us your story!

In English: Who We Are


How do we communicate and what should you do to stay updated with all upcoming events and announcements?

As soon as you have purchased your membership on Kide.App, you can join our private Facebook group Jalot Villit. That's our main communications channel, and you will not miss out on anything as long as you follow what's going on in the group - we'll be posting all our events and other important information there!

Our public Instagram @jalotvillit is very active, and that's where we share a lot of information about interdisciplinary events as well, so make sure to follow! 

Our website holds mainly permanent information, as well as some links to events. However, we host a lot of small and informal events that do not get posted on our website, only on our social media. 

If you are not on social media, make sure to check you're receiving our weekly newsletter. The weekly newsletter is sent every Monday by e-mail to all members who have agreed to getting e-mail from us on Kide.App. If you are not receiving your weekly newsletter, please contact us at!

In English: Who We Are


The traditional student outfit

It's traditional for Scandinavian university students to wear student overalls to events. All student associations have different color overalls - ours is a beautiful "police blue"!

In order to receive the overalls, you first must be a member of Jalot Villit. After that you're going to have to pay close attention to Jalot Villit social media as well as your tutors telling you when it's time to join the overalls order.

Overalls are ordered only once a year, so they can not be bought later on. You must be active and participate in the ordering process. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the overalls representatives of the Jalot Villit board!

In English: Who We Are
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